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The ‘flow state’ and how to get there

Regularly entering the "flow state of mind" makes us happier and more relaxed human beings. But how do we know when we're in it and how do we get there?

In our often sedentary lives, the mind can feel like it’s running a race. Practising yoga enables us to quieten the mind because we have to focus on so many different things. It’s helpful to begin by focussing on the breath but when our ability to concentrate develops, we start to notice the other aspects of the practice – movement, alignment, Bandhas, postures, sequences…

When we find ourselves fully immersed in our yoga practice with a feeling of energized focus, we have entered what is called ‘the flow state of mind’. This has been described as a very productive and creative state of mind. Yoga can help to access this meditative state of mind, but running, playing a musical instrument, or any other activity which completely absorbs our focus, can have the same effect. Regularly entering the “flow state” makes us happier, more relaxed human beings.

How do you know when you have entered the ‘flow state’? Find out in my full article!

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