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The yogic approach to social media addiction

If you think practicing yoga should somehow make you immune to social media addiction, think again! Here's my story, plus some mindfulness tips to help you curb the cravings.

Being a yogi and living a mindful life does not make me unsusceptible to social media addiction. I noticed I was spending much longer than I’d like on social media platforms. Mindlessly scrolling … with no benefits like growth, fulfilment or connection. And I realised I wanted to distance myself from it. I removed Facebook, Instagram and email from my phone. This definitely helped but I still found social media too invasive.

I also came to the conclusion that, for better or worse, social media is an ingrained and necessary part of life – especially as an online yoga teacher! So it made sense that it too should become part of my spiritual practice and growth.

Read more mindfulness and social media, observing your emotions, the three main cravings and how to curb them in my article.

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