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The root of peace within is acceptance

The root of peace within is acceptance

All Levels | 42 Mins | Slow Flow, Hatha

True acceptance means fully allowing what life is. This class helps us to access a heart space where everything that is, is welcome, without judgement. The class starts with a poem, then we move to open the body and soothe the mind.

Morning mobilisation

Morning mobilisation

All Levels | 22 Mins | Hatha, Vinyasa Flow

We'll warm up properly and get the chi moving with a short shake out, shoulder rolls and some spinal waves. We'll give some extra attention to the waist area, which can be congested without noticing; when opened you may notice a nice, spacious feeling in your body and mind.

Another lazy (Sunday morning) flow

Another lazy (Sunday morning) flow

Level 1/2 | 39 Mins | Hatha

This class is perfect for a lazy (Sunday) morning or a calming practice in the early evening. We gently mobilise and stimulate the whole body as a nice way to start the day calmly. We sneak in a little stronger work so that afterward we can go back to being lazy again, feeling like we've earned it ;-).

Yoga Online

I have over 700 classes online on EkhartYoga!

EkhartYoga is an online yoga and meditation platform that I founded in 2012. We have over 40 teachers and 4,500 classes in 25 different styles.


Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced teacher, you’ll find guidance and inspiration on EkhartYoga. 


A monthly or annual subscription gives you full access to all of our yoga classes, guided programs, playlists of classes made by members, and our library of articles and resources. 

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