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Self help advice for difficult times

At some point, we will all experience suffering. Let's looks at how we can work with the mind to move beyond the stories we create around our suffering.

The first of the four noble truths of Buddhism is that life is suffering. This doesn’t mean that life is only suffering – there are, of course, many beautiful aspects to life – it just means that no one can live their life without facing some amount of suffering. In light of this fact, it’s helpful to take a closer look at it.

You can suffer in many ways. You can suffer mentally and physically. You can suffer from grief of loss, or you can suffer from insecurity, doubting every decision you make – believing you could/should have done something different or better. You can suffer from obsessive thinking. You can suffer from aching joints, pain in your back or from aging.

So what do we do with suffering? Read here.

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