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Face your emotional issues to become a better yoga teacher

Sitting with your own pain so that you can hold space for others to do the same is one of the qualities of a truly authentic yoga teacher.

Everyone who has ever been on one of my yoga teacher trainings will probably have run into some old, unresolved and painful emotions at some point. In fact, most teacher training courses (especially the intensives) will tell you beforehand that this is likely to happen.

My take on it is that a yoga teacher training course should be designed to help you meet your deepest emotions. That it is even something to look forward to! Why? Because traditionally yoga is a path to wake up to your true Self. The only way you are ever going to evolve on that path is by pausing… feeling… being… and meeting those parts of yourself that you have been suppressing, so that you can become whole again.

Read my article to learn about holding space for your students.

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