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Alignment cues I no longer use

I believe that yoga should value function over form and in my quest to keep developing as a teacher, here are some alignment cues I have revisited and revised.

As a yoga teacher, I believe it’s vitally important to keep questioning yourself about the instructions and alignment cues you use to teach your students and to reflect on whether they are still functional.

How to question your alignment cues

You can do this by asking yourself how you came to use certain instructions? Are you repeating what your teacher or someone you admire says? Are you saying something because everyone else does? Is that really a good enough reason? Did you ever test the instructions? Are you giving them because they work well in your body, and even if that’s the case, can you be sure it’s the same for someone else’s body?

Regularly be critical with yourself to check that what you say is still up to date, that it still makes sense, and that you are not just mechanically throwing out asana cues.

Please read the full article here – I'd love to know your thoughts and findings on alignment cues!

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