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Teacher Training

10 April - 20 April 2023 | D'Alijo Yoga Retreat Centre

Yin Yoga, Anatomy, Chakras, Meridians & Mindfulness Teacher Training

A teacher training course with Joe Barnett and Marcel van de Vis Heil plus guest teachers Esther Ekhart and Paul Grilley. High up in the mountains of Portugal we'll dive into the Yin universe.

What To Expect

With Joe Barnett and Marcel van de Vis Heil

Guest teachers: Esther Ekhart & Paul Grilley

This course is intended to generate a deeply nourishing experience for the body, heart and soul. High up in the mountains of Portugal we dive into the yin universe. We look into the variations in human anatomy and how this influences our practice, we learn what the poses are supposed to do for us and how everybody can achieve that, regardless of age, experience or flexibility.

We will also explore chakras, meridians and mindfulness and their relevance to our daily lives, learning different meditation techniques. 

This course will give you all the basics to teach yin yoga if that is what you hope to do and to take the most out of your practice if teaching is not for you. More than anything, these 10 days is a time for gentle self-development and self-care.

Joe and Marcel are the leading teachers in this training and will teach the majority of the material, I will facilitate the mindfulness part of the training. All sessions with Joe, Marcel and myself are in-person. We are also honoured to be joined by Paul Grilley who will be guest teaching a module via Zoom on the big screen

More About this Training

What will you learn:

Anatomy: skeletal segments, muscle groups, the concepts of target areas and functional yoga, skeletal variations, tension vs compression and more

Yin Yoga Poses: analysis of poses, their modifications and alternatives and how to teach them

Assisted Yin Routine

Chakra Theory

Meridian Theory and Tracing


Chakra and Mindfulness Meditation

The concepts of karma, samskaras, vrittis and vasanas


Shared Room (Twin) – € 2572,00

Single Room with shared facilities – € 2822,00

Standard Single Room – € 3143,00

The price does not include flight tickets and transport to and from the retreat centre to the airport.


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