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21 October - 31 October 2023 | D'Alijo Yoga Retreat Centre

Partly Silent Retreat with Esther Ekhart

Slow down, restore and revitalise on a deep level. Join Esther Ekhart for a restorative and inspiring week of Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Inquiry. Within the 10 days there will be 5 full silent days, somewhere in the middle.

What To Expect

This retreat is designed to slow you down and restore and revitalise you on a very deep level. When you are relaxed and your energy system is balanced, you can easily gain access to the world of reality, with all its joys, rather than being stuck in the world of the mind. We will mainly use yoga and meditation, but also lectures, inquiry, pranayama and silence as tools.

During all 10 days, we observe Mouna (silence) every morning from waking up till the yoga practice starts at 11.00. The early morning starts with meditation and pranayama. After breakfast and a silent break, we will continue with a fluid yoga practice that focuses on loosening the body as well as strengthening and stabilising the body and easing the mind. In the afternoon we gather again to learn about ourselves and life through short lectures, inquiry, meditation, restorative/yin yoga and yoga Nidra.

For 5 days we will all observe silence for the whole day. During class times, there is room to ask questions if they arise.

We will allow a maximum of 24 people on the retreat. It's best to come to this retreat having done a retreat with Esther already, or having experience with a silent retreat.

Please note: To really give the body and mind a break and observe true silence, all mobile phones will be collected during the few days that we are fully silent. A phone number of the retreat centre will be provided for emergencies.

As you begin to relax into stillness, you cultivate presence, awareness and an authentic relationship with yourself. You will get in touch with a felt sense of 'being'. It is a universal felt sense that we all have within us. From birth, and throughout every moment of your life, being is a constant, quiet, background presence that's always with you. But until it is pointed out it can go unnoticed.

As well you may discover that being together with others in silence allows for a different sense of connection that can be more satisfying than spending the same time engaged in conversation.

You will access that same shared state of 'being'. Rather than knowing others through their stories of who they are and what they do, silence highlights our sense of connectedness.

More about this retreat

This is a partly silent retreat. Within the 10 days, there will be 5 full silent days, somewhere in the middle. During the silent days, the main focus will be on meditation, and the mindful morning yoga practice from 11 - 13 to loosen out the body is still going to be there.

It's best to come to this retreat having done a retreat with Esther already, or having experience with a silent retreat.

Daily Schedule

08:00 - 09:00 Meditation/Pranayama

09:00 - 11:00 Breakfast + break, in silence

11:00 - 13:00 Yoga / Mindful movement

13:00 - 17:00 Lunch/Free time

17:00 - 19:00 Meditation/discourse, with short breaks in between

19:00 - Dinner

20.15 - (optional) Meditation or a restorative practice

During the silent days, the lunch break is shorter, and we will start at 16.00 or 16.30

Arrival & Departure

Arrival is on Saturday, Oct 21st, and Departure is on Tuesday, Oct 31st. Both days are travel days. I will offer a short grounding practice to those who are there on arrival day in the evening and meditation on the morning of Oct 31st.

Pricing per person for 10 nights

All prices include ten nights' accommodation, fantastic meals served three times daily, plus all meditation and yoga sessions.

• Shared room en-suite, 2 people - € 1890

• Single room with shared bathroom facilities - €2190

• Single room with private toilet and shower - €2350

• Single luxury cabin - €2550 / couple share €2290 pp

You can secure your place with a non-refundable deposit of €450. The remainder of the fee will be due by 7th August 2023. You can also pay in full now too.


Book and Pay Online Today

You can secure your spot immediately be selecting to pay your deposit or full amount. Accepted payments include credit/debit cards, iDeal and Klarna (online bank transfer for specific countries)​

Book and Pay by Bank Transfer

You can also choose to pay via bank transfer. If you want to book via this option please fill out our registration form.


We Are Proud Tree Sisters

By booking an in-person training with us, you are actively contributing to the global tree-planting efforts led by Tree Sisters. For every individual attending our retreats and trainings, we make a donation on your behalf.


Join our mission and become a sister 


About Me - Esther Ekhart


For me yoga has been about showing up. Showing up for myself, for life and for others. I came to yoga at an early age through my mother and I did my first Yoga Teacher Training at 18 years old. 

I have been practicing, teaching and, most importantly, been a STUDENT of yoga for over 20 years. One thing that I have learned and observed over the years is that we/life keeps evolving. Things change constantly and we simply can’t stay as we are. I teach what I learn in my own continuing evolution. 


How To Get There

D’Alijo centre is around 70 minutes by car from Porto airport (the closest airport). There are no public transport options to the centre. We can arrange shared airport transfers to and from Porto airport at € 110 per car one way, a maximum of three persons. Transfers to and from the D'Alijo centre are not included in the prices.

You can find cheap car rental options via or Transavia and RyanAir. Please make sure you travel with valid travel insurance.

About D’Alijo Retreat Center

D’Alijo Retreat Center in North Portugal is an exclusive retreat centre located in the village of Cabeceiras de Basto in the province of Minho, with its beautiful city of Porto. Porto offers an international airport just one hour away from our retreat centre. The area is well known for its Vinho Verde vineyards, olive fields and beautiful national parks. Their studio and accommodations are cohesively blended with nature and are sure to awaken the mind, body and spirit.

D'Alijo has a vast knowledge of hospitality and is capable of tailoring your needs as you desire. D’Alijo’s intention is to nurture its guests by providing a space to learn, develop and grow, coupled with outstanding client communication and customer service.

Since they do have mild winters and can heat all buildings, bookings are accepted year around. D’Alijo boasts an inspiring studio space, along with stylish accommodations, and a gorgeous terrace surrounded restaurant set amongst vibrant lush gardens. Those who come to this centre will feel empowered to reconnect with nature, in a truly spectacular location.

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